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Possibilities of defense for Eugenii Zhovtis’ rights in Kazakhstan are exhausted


The International day of human rights which is celebrated on December 10th, for an attorney Vitaliyi Voronov began in Taldykorgan with the preliminary consideration of supervision complaints to the condemnation of Eugenii Zhovtis, a director of Kazakhstan bureau for human rights. This day an attorney reported that the court made a decision to overrule this objection.


Judges from the supervision boards of Almaty regional court did not found any reason to institute supervision output, considering the condemnation and resolution by the appellate board as legal and motivated, – had reported Vitaliy Voronov to radio “Azattyk”. By his words, thereby, last judicial location on the deal of Eugenii Zhovtis was passed.


– By the criminal processional legislation’s point of view the defense had passed all locations. In accordance with part 2 under article 458 of Criminal Code procedure we can not apply to the Supreme judicial court because it is a crime of small gravity, – said Vitaliyi Voronov.


In several days Vitaliyi Voronov is going to visit his client Ust-Kamenogorsk city prison. They are intending to discuss their further actions. According to the words of Vitaliyi Voronov it remains to apply to the UN committee of human rights:


Only Eugenii Zhovtis by himself can send a complaint there. As his attorney I can not do it, – reported Vitaliyi Voronov.


In the 3rd of September famous human rights defender Eugeniy Zhovtis was sent to prison for 4 years by criminal charges, in the October 22nd Almaty regional court left his appeal without any satisfaction and the condemnation without any changes. Now Eugenii Zhovtis is in Ust-Kamenogorsk prison.



Radio “Azattyk”



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