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New uprising in Zhanaozen


Events which were happened in the December 7th 2009 in Zhanaozen city on Mangistayu area had shaken not only this small borough, but official Astana too.


Approximately for about three thousand unemployed people from the city who are the hearth and centre of the country social voltage had occupied an administrative building of the “Uzenmunaygaz”. Given company is a branch of the crock «KazMunaiGaz”


The main requirement of unemployed people was to issue their application about acceptance to work.


A hunger strike and protests of oil industry worker of the TPA “Burgylau” and JC “Uzenmunaigaz” had preceded these events. One of the requirements of workers was a provision of their lawful age and who have a special formation by work in these companies. On which conciliation committee on behalf of representatives of these companies and ruling parties gave their consent.


Last week regional and Zhanaozen newspapers gave an announcement that “Uzenmunaygaz” will take on work for about one hundred people and offered to bring an application about acceptance to work to the company’s office on December 7th 2009.


Considering jobless rate in the city people started to go to the company office in two days. On Monday in the morning near the office had gathered for about 300 hundred people. Regrettably, instead of receiving applications an administration had closed the building. In spite of people indignation, who tried to enter into the building there were no reactions from the part of “Uzenmunaigaz. But the police members had reacted. And the December 7th became “Blood Monday”. Tear gas and physical power were used against people who gathered near the office by announcement of the companies.


All actions made by the police contrary irritated people. Thousand of people dashed on of the building, where were not only employees of the company but police members too. Having broken the doors and several windows people had entered to the building. Only interference of dear townsfolk rescued administration employees from shrift.


Immediately after the assumption of the building an administration started to take from people their applications.





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