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People of absurdity are approaching


Past Friday a lawyer from Karaganda Yevgenii Tankov made a claim against completely insolent department of justice of Karaganda area, which refused to registrate a public association “Order of Whimsical absurd people”.


State officials with incomprehensible image were frightened by the Public association which is bent to unite all people and who used to look at occurring around with humor. So they send the charter to the expert operation, which made a discretion both biblical endurances and satanic inclinations as in jocular text. But the main – they were doubted that the term of leading the order can be 100 years.


Meantime, as the attorney confirms, the department of justice on Karaganda area turned out to be in more punctilious situation. On the one hand, he refused in registrations of the juridical person, without documenting the rules of law. By the other side – a person of Kazakhstan was doubted that to occupy the leading post can on length of the whole life.


– Long – lived person from Karagandа Sahan Dosova lived more than 130 years, so for me 100 years will be enough to be a leader of the public association, – spoke Yevgenii ironically. – More so that, state leader defined one of the priority problems to increase Kazakh people life expectancy.



“Vremya” newspapers


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