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Anti-war stance: Russian activist detained in Kazakhstan


Russian anti-war activist and musician Aikhal Ammosov was detained in Kazakhstan. This was announced by other activists and acquaintances of the public figure in a Telegram channel, Ulysmedia.kz reports.

It should be noted that Ammosov’s real name is Igor Ivanov. Activists warned that his extradition back to Russia is a possibility.

So far, we know that people in civilian clothes put him in a car and took him away in an unknown direction. The Kazakhstani law enforcers have been looking for him lately,” the report says.

In this regard, they urged everyone who had contact with him to try to protect themselves.

Delete correspondence and unsubscribe. We are afraid that in the worst-case scenario, the law enforcers will establish his contacts and begin to put pressure on all his friends and acquaintances,” the activists said.

Earlier, Rosfinmonitoring put Ammosov on the register of extremists and terrorists. After that, the Ministry of Interior put the musician on the wanted list. At the same time, it was not reported that a criminal case was opened against the activist under extremist or terrorist articles.

The Russian activist was first detained in August 2022 after attempting to hang a banner “Yakutian punk against war” in the city centre. At that time, the court sentenced him to 15 days of arrest for disorderly behaviour.

On September the 3rd, Ammosov was arrested again, for evading a fine. The police opened a criminal case against the musician for the so-called “discrediting” of the Russian army. According to it, he faces up to three years in prison.

It is worth noting that another Russian activist, 29-year-old Natalia Narskaya, is currently threatened with extradition from Kazakhstan. She is accused in Russia of “calling for extremism” for her anti-war statements against the war and the Russian army.

Earlier, a court in Bishkek sentenced a Chechen opposition activist to six months in a penal colony and deportation to Russia. During the announcement of the verdict, an unprecedented case occurred in judicial practice: the activist asked the court to assign him the maximum term in a colony. In addition, he even asked the court to imprison for ten years, because he would be safer here than in his home country.

Moreover, last week, a Moscow court sentenced former Channel One editor Marina Ovsyannikova to 8.5 years in prison in absentia.

The journalist was accused of spreading so-called “fakes” about the Russian army on “motives of political hatred” picketing in front of the Kremlin in July 2022. Ovsyannikova unfurled a poster with the inscription “Putin is a murderer, his soldiers are fascists” with photos of children killed in Ukraine.