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Refugee Data Privacy at Risk in Kazakhstan – KIBHR Karaganda Branch


Recent developments in the management of asylum seekers in Kazakhstan have raised serious concerns among human rights defenders and international organisations. Specifically, considering accusations against the state institution “Department for Coordination of Employment and Social Programmes of Karaganda region”.

According to the data, the institution carried out the unauthorised transfer of personal data of refugees to the diplomatic missions of Afghanistan on the territory of Kazakhstan. The invasion of personal data contravenes both national legislation on the protection of refugee rights and international standards on non-disclosure of information that could expose asylum applicants to risks.

The Karaganda branch of KIBHR emphasises that such actions may not only endanger the lives and safety of refugees, but also undermine the credibility of the asylum system in the country. Confidentiality and security are the cornerstones of refugee protection. Violation of these principles can lead to serious consequences.

As such, the Karaganda branch of KIBHR calls for an investigation into these incidents and demands that the authorities guarantee the protection of personal information. We recall that maintaining confidentiality is critical to ensuring the safety and protecting the rights of refugees.

Considering these significant concerns, we advise asylum seekers in Kazakhstan to carefully evaluate all potential risks prior to pursuing asylum in nations where the complete security of their personal data cannot be assured.