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Kazakh caritative fund for Ukraine liquidated by Court order


Just two weeks after authorizing to register the charity fund Slava Ukraïni (“Слава Украïнi”), the Ministry of Justice of Atyrau opened a case against the organization, on August 25th.

Claiming that the foundation’s Chart was not conform to the law and deeming irremediable the “violations” committed during the two weeks of its existence, the Justice Department invalidated the registration. The liquidation decision came into effect on November the 3rd, even though the problems could have been settled without going to such extents.

Between the 10th and 25th of August, the private fund, whose main purpose was to help Ukrainian victims of the war, managed to send 5 million tenge worth of humanitarian aid thanks to its sponsors.

Slava Ukraïni’s director, Turarbek Kusainov, thinks Kazakhstan could have possibly received the order to liquidate the foundation from its northern neighbor. Over the past year in Kazakhstan, every action of solidarity towards Ukraine was met with opposition from the authorities, except the 6th march rally in Almaty which gathered three to five thousand people and a dozen other little actions across the country.