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Jumping off the diving board into the debt pit


The construction companies, which built the ski jumps, have been trying to get their money out of the Almaty akimat for more than 10 years. Some of them have already retired, but haven’t waited for the payments, and some have been promoted by the akimat.

On February 21, a press conference of employees of the Almaty construction sphere, who for ten years can’t get the money they earned, was held in the press center of KIBHR. They stated that the reason for judicial red tape was the interference of the deputy of the Upper Chamber of the Parliament in the criminal process.

The financial-industrial conflict, described by Abdurazak Baybolatov and Alexander Vedenko, occurred during the construction and reconstruction of the Sunkar ski jumping complex in the nearby foothills of Almaty. This sport complex was built and reconstructed in connection with holding in the southern capital of Kazakhstan two major international sporting events – Asian Winter Olympic Games (Asian Games-2011) and the University Winter Olympic Games (Universiade-2017).

Alexander Vedenko, Director of Sanat-AV LLP, told about how the company he headed supplied fuel and lubricants to Kurylys Construction Company, which was the general contractor for the construction and reconstruction of the ski jumping complex, first for the Asian Games and then for the Universiade. By 2017, Kurylys Construction Company incurred a large debt to Sanat, which the latter’s management attempted to collect through the court, which issued a judgment against the defendant to recover the claim amount.

In the process of enforcement proceedings, it turned out that the indebtedness should be reimbursed by the Department of Construction of the Akimat of Almaty. After that, the bailiff was pressured by the then deputy akim Sultanbek Makezhanov, who supervised the construction sphere. According to the bailiff, the official made it clear to him that the akimat would not pay debts to Sanat. Throughout all subsequent years, even despite the double change of akims, the case has not moved on. The reason of the freezing of the process of the old debts collection the speakers name the interference of the former mayor of Almaty, and now the senator from the southern capital, Makezhanov.

Now Baibolatov and Vedenko appeal to the President of the country Kassym-Jomart Tokayev and the Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov to look into their litigation and make the akim of the southern capital Yerbolat Dosayev to finally solve this case according to the law and justice. They have already registered for an appointment with Dosayev himself 12 times, but he hasn’t received them. They themselves consider it impossible to give up their demands, because in this case they will not be able to pay debts on their wages to their workers, many of whom have become pensioners over the years.