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Journalists Vladimir and Nargiz Severny detained in Almaty on suspicion of ‘extortion’


In Almaty, journalists Vladimir and Nargiz Severny were detained on suspicion of “extortion”. This was first reported by the children of the North, later the city police department confirmed this information. Vladimir Severny worked as a war correspondent for a long time. On the eve of his arrest, his wife Nargiz Severnaya warned on social networks of possible provocations against her husband because he covers problems in the army. The police said that the Severny spouses were detained “at the request of the head of one of the LLPs about extorting money for not publishing negative materials when transferring part of the requested money.”

The appeal of the Northern children was published in the telegram channel Kozachkov offside. The journalist’s son Ratmir says that the police detained the parents on April 20 at about 7 pm in the Dostyk Plaza shopping and entertainment center. “They were detained by several people in the form of investigators, they were recorded on video, they searched their personal belongings. Mom was taken to the department without letting her talk to us, dad was taken away after he drove home with us and took us home. None of my families cannot contact them, call, find out what is happening to them, because their phones have been confiscated”, – said Ratmir Severny. The Adil Soz Foundation reported that they are in touch with the Severny family and lawyer. According to them, the defender is in touch with his clients, but signed a non-disclosure document.

Kozachkov is a special correspondent for the Vremya newspaper and the author of the telegram channel of the same name. He was accused of assisting the organized crime group of Yeldos Kospaev, who was engaged in raider seizures of business: the journalist allegedly “wet” the victims of the organized crime group on the Internet. The journalist’s colleagues believe that they are “trying to shut him up” for exposing articles.

The author of the telegram channel Kozachkov offside, journalist Mikhail Kozachkov, was previously sentenced to a suspended sentence of three years and six months. Lawyer Yelena Zhigalyonok told Tengrinews.kz that Kozachkov was found guilty “for professional errors in preparing journalistic investigations.” 

She stressed that it had been established that Kozachkov had nothing to do with the activities of the so-called organized criminal group of Yeldos Kospaev, and the charges of complicity in raiding were dropped.