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Independents opened the campaign trail


On February 19, an agreed campaign rally of independent candidates for deputies to the Mazhilis and Maslikhat was held in Almaty.

The rally was held in the Gandhi Square in Almaty, where it was open for the activists. Gandhi Square in Almaty, where activists registered as candidates for deputies of the Majilis and Maslikhat in single-mandate constituencies tried to convey their programs to the audience.

The rally lasted two hours and was attended by less than 100 people.

During their speeches the participants criticized the electoral system of Kazakhstan and current deputies, stated about the absence of dialogue between the authorities and the people and about the absence of real competition in politics.

The rally participants also noted that the southern capital, as a rule, shows a low turnout at elections – on average 30 percent, and urged the citizens to be more active this time.

We remind you that the early elections to Mazhilis and Maslikhats will be held on March 19. For the first time in many years, citizens were once again able to nominate themselves as a self-nominee. A total of 435 independent candidates run for deputy seats. At the same time, 125 people could not be registered.