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Another Karakalpak activist detained in Almaty


On 4 October 2022, three police officers detained Karakalpak activist Ziyuar Mirmanbetova at her home. This was reported by the Karakalpak diaspora in Kazakhstan. Ziyuar Mirmanbetova has lived in Kazakhstan for the past dozen years, and her husband and children are citizens of Kazakhstan.

This is the fourth detention of Karakalpak activists in Almaty since 13 September 2022. Earlier, Koshkarbay Toremuratov, Zhangeldy Zhaksymbetov and Raisa Khudaibergenova were detained. For all these individuals, orders for arrest were received from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan. Representatives of the Uzbek law enforcement agencies also participated in the detentions on the territory of Kazakhstan.

The Karakalpak diaspora believes that the detentions may be related to the ongoing OSCE human rights conference in Warsaw where the crackdown on protests in Karakalpakstan was raised. The detained Karakalpak activists had received invitations and had planned to attend.