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69 workers of Senimdi Kurylys LLP will answer for the strike in court


One of Tengizchevroil’s contracting organizations, Senimdi Kurylys LLP, recognized the February workers’ strike as illegal and appealed to the court.

We shall remind you that on February 11 this year a group of workers of “Senimdi Kurylys” LLP held a rally with the demand to increase wages by 20% and to pay 500 thousand tenge for inflation. Workers also asked for a 14-day shift instead of 28 days.

The rally lasted all day and ended by nightfall by mutual agreement of the parties. Several weeks later, the management of Senimdi Kurylys applied to the Zhylyoi District Court to recognize the workers’ strike as illegal.

In the statement of claim, the LLP indicated that it was carrying out construction and installation works at the “Third Generation Plant” (3GP) facility located on the territory of the Tengiz field in accordance with the contract concluded with Tengizchevroil LLP. It was specifically noted that the territory of this project is considered a hazardous production facility.

On the morning of February 11, after the briefing, some employees refused to perform their direct duties and announced the beginning of a strike.

It came as a complete surprise for the management: according to the rules, according to Article 172 of the Labor Code of Kazakhstan, the workers had to notify their superiors by letter about the forthcoming rally 5 days prior to its beginning and indicate how long it would last.

According to Senimdi Kurylys LLP, such uncoordinated actions of the workers led to negative consequences: the deadline for commissioning of the project, strategically important for the economy of Kazakhstan, was postponed. The lawsuit also states that the legal rights and interests of other companies working on the project were violated.

The other day, 69 workers-participants of the rally received SMS-notification about the forthcoming court proceedings. 

– More than 200 workers participated in the strike, but only 69 of them are being sued,” the shift workers were indignant. – How was the selection of who to sue and who to leave alone? Is the management of the LLP going to persecute only us? Is it their task to fire us? What are they up to?

As you know, this is not the first rally at Tengiz field on the topic of wage increase and other social problems. According to the workers, the preliminary hearing will be held on March 7.


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