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A video message from Dias Moldalimov, an Almaty resident, entitled “Coronavirus in Kazakhstan”, appeared on youtube on March 27. The young man calls on the authorities to reflect on the fate of those people who can not even count on 80 euros per month, allocated by the government who lost their jobs or went on forced leave because of the quarantine regime. That is to pay attention to millions of Kazakhstan citizens who have no permanent job and whom Akorda disguises as “self-employed”.

“I want to remind the government that within two weeks, the majority of the population in Kazakhstan will run out of food, will run out of medication, and eventually out of money, then the question will arise: what will happen to them? what will happen to their families?”.  – Dias says. He proposes to allocate money to the needed ones from the accumulated sums in the Unified Pension Fund, so that at least people have the opportunity to buy food, reminding that when it comes to “your banks”, the state does not save from the budget. “What do you bring your people to? What do you want, a civil war? The rallies will be over soon, there will be storms… We will storm the Accorda at this rate, you understand?” – He keeps asking questions.

Dias Moldalimov was detained the next day and taken to the Almaty Police Department, where in addition to investigator Abdullaev, three operatives and the prosecutor on duty, there were two in the “citizen”, who, as Dias assumed, are national security officers. The investigator invited the guy to voluntarily testify against himself, but he used his constitutional right and refused.  The entire interrogation took almost five hours.

According to Moldalimov’s “Base” channel, the case was opened under article 274, paragraph 4. 2 – “Distribution of knowingly false information”, weighted by distribution “in a state of emergency or in a state of war, or during public events”. For the time being, the main figure in the case is a witness.

As in the recent case of Askhat Asan, a former journalist of the Zhas Alash newspaper, who was accused of inciting social hatred for an article about former President Nazarbayev and his family, the law enforcers clearly had to think about which article to bring the case on when there was no crime as such.

The same “Base” youtube channel reports that on March 30 people gathered outside the office of Nazarbayev’s Nur-Otan party in Kazalinsk (Kyzylorda region) and demanded food.


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