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Democratic Party activist attacked


Muratbay Zhumagaliyev, an activist of the opposition Democratic Party’s registration initiative, was attacked in the evening of 6 October 2022 in Zhanaozen as he and his son were returning home.

According to the Democratic Party, a group of six to seven masked men with knives in their hands attacked him near the entrance. As a result of the attack, Zhumagaliyev sustained injuries and had his leg broken.

The attackers took nothing and made no demands. The victim was taken to hospital. Muratbay Zhumagaliyev says that the attackers, dressed in identical black clothing, looked like special police forces officers. During the beating, he was made to understand that this was punishment for his video footage, which he posted on social media.

The Democratic Party believes the attack on the activist are connected to increased pressure on opposition activists ahead of the presidential election.

In early 2020, the Democratic Party added, Zhumagaliyev’s car was set on fire as he was to leave for the party’s founding congress in Almaty. The perpetrators have not been found. He was also repeatedly subjected to administrative penalties for participating in peaceful protests.

In 2011, after Kazakh security forces opened fire on striking oil workers in Zhanaozen and Shetpa, Muratbay Djumagaliyev found himself in the dock as one of 37 people accused of involvement in the mass unrest. He was sentenced to three years’ probation. Meanwhile, the authorities have never thoroughly investigated who gave the order to open fire and who carried it out, limiting themselves to imprisoning a few “gunmen” among the police.